Virgin Games

Virgin Games was where I started my career in tech. I started as a junior designer in a team of two creatives including me. We took care of everything from promotion sick bags through to website design. I was with the company from a year or so from its inception (13th employee) until the brand was sold to GameSys where it now resides. Whilst at Virgin they funded an MSc in Computer Science after which I took on a more technical role as a technical project manager whilst still maintaining overall responsibility for design. A highlight of my time there was the redesign of all our web properties, bringing it under the Umbraco CMS, implementing an agile development methodology and completely reorganizing the relationship between the marketing and operations teams and the technical team - this particular relationship having become seriously strained. My ability to give the marketing team a sense of ownership over the project whilst ensuring the technical teams were given the freedom of how to implement was probably my favorite achievement.